Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday PlayStation!

Happy Birthday PSone!!! So many happy memories with that system. Some people will tell you how Sony dominated and schooled other consoles at that time - Sega Saturn, 3DO, etc. They never tell you why Sony dominated - at least IMHO, why. PSone got hacked!!! Plain and simple. The system got hacked, anyone who bought that system immediately went to a shop in Chinatown and pay the guy behind the counter $100. No more than a week later you were able to play copied games burned either by yourself or some store you can buy them for at a fraction of the price of retail. Your life of buying games and shelling out if I remember correctly $30 a game was over. FREE GAMES!!! That is why it dominate. (Mind you I never got my system hacked.) Same goes for PS2 - HACKED!!!!! PS3 sales down? Why....? BINGO!!! Not hacked! (Yet...) XBOX 360 and Wii out selling PS3??? Is it because they came out first before PS3?? Who cares!!! BINGO AGAIN!!! XBOX 360 and Wii - HACKED!!! Nuff said.

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